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PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT UNDER ART. 13 OF LEGISLATIVE DECREE NO. 196 OF  30 JUNE 2003 Art. 13 of the Italian Data Protection Code (legislative decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003) imposes an obligation to inform data subjects of the essential aspects of the use of their details, at subsection 1, par. a/f. This company fully complies with the above, by informing you as follows:  

PURPOSES The information is collected for the following purposes: o Compliance with obligations required by the law, regulations and EC legislation; o Customer management (customer administration, contract administration, shipping and invoicing; checks on ability to pay and solvency etc.); o Dispute management (notices to pay, settlements, debt recovery, arbitration proceedings and legal disputes etc); o Statistical surveys and analyses; o Market research, the sending of publicity material or the conduct of promotional initiatives;  

HOW THE INFORMATION IS USED In relation to the above purposes, your personal information will be processed via paper, computerised and electronic means or other telecommunications in order to ensure secure and confidential treatment of the data, as well as full compliance with the law. This statement is provided for information: o  Collected directly from the data subject (art. 13 subsection 1); o  Collected from third parties (art. 13 subsection 4); o Obtained from public registers, lists, deeds or documents accessible to anyone (article 24, subsection 1, par. C), within the limits and in the ways established by laws relating to accessibility. For sensitive information (e.g. which reveals memberships of trade unions, associations or similar organisations, state of health etc.), quasi-sensitive (possibly identified by the Data Protection Authority) and legal information (e.g. Criminal Records Office etc.), the information will be used within the limits and in the ways set out by the Data Protection Authority’s General Authorisations for the use of sensitive information.  

OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE INFORMATION AND CONSEQUENCES OF REFUSAL Provision of the information is sometimes: o Compulsory in accordance with laws, regulations or EC legislation. In such cases your refusal to reply will mean that we are unable to fulfil the contract; o Required in order to fulfil the contractual obligations efficiently. In such cases, your refusal will affect the quality and efficiency of our performance; o Optional for the purposes of carrying out market research, the sending of publicity material, the conduct of promotional initiatives. In these cases your refusal will not enable us to carry out market research, send you publicity material or conduct promotional initiatives.  

DISCLOSURE The above information: Ø  May only be disclosed to the following categories of people: -    Post offices or other forwarding agents; -    Banks and financial institutions; -    Debt recovery agencies; -    Law firms; -    Printers or other businesses who print documents; -    Insurance companies; -    Computer maintenance and repair firms; -    Public authorities in accordance with obligations required by the law, regulations or EC legislation; -     Non-profit associations, bodies or organisations for the achievement of the legitimate and specified aims identified by the memorandum and articles of association; -    Corporations or other organisations for profit, for the achievement of the aims stated in the general authorisation for the use of sensitive information by associations; Ø  Will not be distributed; Ø  May become known to: -          Administrative, control and managerial departments; -          In-house administration and secretarial offices; -          Authorised persons in the data processing centre; -          Persons authorised to carry out maintenance and/or repairs; -          Persons authorised to accept and provide services; -          Persons authorised to keep accounts and issue invoices; -          Persons authorised to market the goods or services; -          Persons authorised to carry out customer, user and subscriber satisfaction surveys; -          Persons authorised to deal with public relations; -          Agents, business agents, or similar; -          Freelance, project or temporary workers; Ø  May be disclosed for statistical purposes (in an anonymous, aggregate form).  

RIGHTS OF THE DATA SUBJECT Under art. 7 of the Code, apart from the information referred to in this statement, you are also entitled: -    To receive confirmation in an intelligible form, free of charge, of whether or not we hold information relating to you; -    To obtain the updating, amendment or integration of information or have it blocked or cancelled due to breach of the law or if it is no longer required to be stored; -    To object to the use of your information for legitimate reasons, or use for the purposes of sending publicity, direct sales material, market research or sales information.  

DATA HOLDER The data holder is Nettuno srl, Viale Industria 16/18 – 24060 Castelli Calepio (BG)  

DATA COORDINATOR The data coordinator is Mr. Lorenzo Fratus, resident for the purpose at Nettuno srl