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Ecolabel (EC Regulation n. 1980/2000) is a European scheme concerning ecological quality that aims to award the products or services with the lowest environmental impact, maintaining their high performing standards.

The Eco-label is a voluntary scheme and Nettuno requested it and obtained it by creating a product line aimed to satisfy the most environmental caring customers.

Why should you choose our Nettuno Ecolabel products? 

1.   Because they are certified by an independent body.
The Ecolabel certification of our products was released by the Ecolabel-Ecoaudit Committee, which is  an independent body represented by 14 members appointed by the Ministries of Industry, Environment, Health and Finance.  

2.   Because not only are they environmentally friendly, but their performance in quality is high.
Nettuno Ecolabel products are eco-friendly and satisfy completely our customers’ needs, ensuring the real quality of the product and proving once again that ecological products can be as performing as the “traditional” ones.  

3.   Because they are based on scientific data.
The ecological criteria established for our products have been evaluated by analyzing the product life cycle. Many environmental aspects have been taken into account for each product (air and water quality, soil protection, waste reduction, energy conservation, natural resource management, protection of the ozone layer, environmental security, impacts on biodiversity).  

4.   Because the Ecolabel scheme is controlled by public authorities.
The Ecolabel certification has been awarded by Nettuno after exhaustive administrative and technical controls carried out by authorities to verify its compliance with the Ecolabel criteria.  

Only companies that comply with the Ecolabel criteria can obtain the “flower”, which represents a guarantee for consumers.

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