For more than 40 years we have been taking care of your hands. Always. Everyday.
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Nettuno's fame and prestige result from over forty years of experience in manufacturing professional hand cleansers. Nettuno offers different types of products: pastes, creams, gels, liquid soaps, bactericidal soaps and protective creams. For each line, specific products have been designed and perfected for different uses. The high quality of our products and their excellent value for money allowed Nettuno to expand successfully all over the world.

Synthesis of a success

Founded in 1970 by Battista Fratus with great entrepreneurial spirit and the invaluable help of his wife, Nettuno has, in the last 40 years of activity, reached leadership status in Italy in the "Skincare" sector winning important markets both inside and outside Europe against several top competitors.


first production plant is set up in a laboratory situated in the basement of the founder's house.


Lorenzo Fratus, who today is the CEO, joins the company as soon as he reaches the age of 18.


First productive factory over a covered area of 400 sq.mts. and first production plant of around 500 Kg./day.


Giancarlo Fratus, today Managing Director and Sales Manager, joins the company on coming of age.


Nettuno manages to win more and more markets and production rises to 3 tons/day.


Lorenzo and Giancarlo Fratus recapitalize the Company transforming it into a general partnership.


Nettuno patents "GELITA" the first Italian handwashing gel, registering the trademark.


Daily production rises to levels of 7 tons/day.


Nettuno moves to its new modern building and their present headquarters, over an area of 8.000 sq.mts. of which 4.000 sq.mts are under cover, equipped with computerized production plant, research laboratories and state of the art logistics warehousing, taking productive capacity to 25 tons/day.


The Quality Control Office is set up and Nettuno gets the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificatio.


Nettuno becomes a limited company (ltd) and this is also the year that the youngest daughter Marina joins the Board of Directors and becomes responsible for financial administration.


The company obtains the UNI EN ISO 14000 environmental certification and implements its own policies which see it committed to eco-friendly industrial development with environmental and social events in collaboration with associations and authorities at national and international level.


Nettuno Iberica S.L. is founded with headquarters in Valdemoro (Madrid, Spain.


Nettuno creates a new product line aimed to satisfy the most environmental caring customers and obtains the EU Ecolabel.


Nettuno Lusitana Lda is founded with headquarters in Lisbon (Portugal).

In this brief history of various past events the typically "Family Company" profile is evident. The consistency of principles and age-old but still current values, the management of human resources as its fundamental asset together with cutting edge production systems, mean that Nettuno can view future market challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.


Even if not mentioned, though purely because she does not occupy an active role in the company, Anna, Battista fratus' first born child, has played an invaluable role without which we would not have been able to write our story today. For this Nettuno is and always will be eternally grateful.